Though I have not been blogging lately, I have been very busy. Several months ago I finished translating 39 scholia on the Apocalypse. These are anonymous notes on the Apocalypse in Greek which are found in only one manuscript. Scholars have attributed the scholia to Origen and also to Didymus the Blind.┬áIf true this would make the scholia the earliest fragments of any commentaries we have on revelation, especially in Greek. I did some linguistic work with the TLG database to try and hammer down some more evidence about authorship and came up with some favorable matches with Origen and Didymus. No translation into English exists, until now. However I’m going to hold off posting translation online while I look for a publisher.

I have also started a translation of Isho’dad of Merv’s Commentary on Daniel from Syriac. It is very interesting, as his name suggests Isho’dad was originally from Merv which is in modern-day Turkmenistan, and east of modern-day Iran. However he seems to have settled farther west.

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